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Monday, October 08, 2012


Level: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

Skills: writing/miming.

Topic: vocabulary.

Materials: pencils and paper.

Time: 10 to 15 minutes.

The goal here is to understand the who/what/where of any story, scene or improvisation and to make creative decisions by inventing who/what/where in improvised situations. You can play this game with the whole class, two large teams or teams of five students.

Have the whole group write down some of their ideas of a who/what/where, following the following examples: 

Who: Mickey Mouse (Hero)
What: Flying through the air 
Where: Over a city

Who: Ms. Jones (Secretary)
What: Filing her nails
Where: In the office

Who: Tick-Tock (Clock)
U Moving its arms
Where: In the kitchen

Who: Hugo (Footballer)
What: Kicking the ball
Where: At a dentist's office

Who: Iris (The rainbow)
What: Smelling flowers
Where: On a cloud

Talk about who/what/where. Make sure the students understand what they mean. Teacher or students suggest a where (location) and the characters who will be in this place. Students choose their own who and what. Give a maximum of thirty seconds for this choice. If they have written a list and discussed ideas first, these decisions will be made faster. If they cannot think of something quickly, tell them to be the same character (who) and to do the same action (what) as another member of the group. There can be two or three of the same kind of character.

Tell them to do two minute improvisations. Teacher gives a where saying: "People, animals or objects on a sinking ship! Go!" All these characters talk and freeze when they hear the freeze sound.

Characters can be any noun: people, animals, objects, the weather, ideas, etc. The action is what the character is doing and can be logical or not. The location can also be either logical or illogical. The illogical ones are funnier.

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