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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

V.A.M.P. (Vegetable, Animal, Mineral or Person)

Level: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.

Skills: speaking and listening.

Topic: warmer using previously taught vocabulary.

Materials: none.

Time: 10 to 20 minutes.

When the number of students is large, this game affords much amusement. One student is sent out of the room. While he / she is gone, the students decide upon some object or person which he / she is to guess. He  / she is then called in, and asks each one a question. 

The answers to the questions must be either "Yes" or "No," and a forfeit must be paid if any other answer is given. 

Suppose the object chosen is a piece of coal in the fireplace. The student will begin by finding out whether the object chosen is of the animal, vegetable, or mineral kingdom; thus the following questions may be asked: "Is it a mineral?" "Yes." "Is it hard?" "Yes." "Is it very valuable?" "No." "Is it bright and shiny?" "Yes." "Is it gold?" "No." "Silver?" "No." "Is it in this room?" "Yes." "Is it black?" "Yes." "Is it a piece of coal?" "Yes." 

The correct object being guessed, another student is sent out and the game continues. If not, this same student is sent out again.

If any student answers other thing but "Yes" or "No", this student will be part of the group of guessers and sent out of the room.

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