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Monday, August 06, 2012

Elves, Wizards and Giants

Level: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.

Skills: miming (speaking).

Topic: warmer.

Materials: none.

Time: 5 to 10 minutes.

Another team version of the old game of `Scissors-Paper-Stone’, but has funnier actions and noises which each team has to act out. Each character (Elf, Wizard, Giant) has a specific action or noise.

Elf: Squatting down and imitate pointed ears by holding two fingers up by your ears (similar to making bunny ears). Make "Eeeking" noises while doing this.

Giant: Standing on tip toe, arms raised in frightening posture making growling / roaring sounds

Wizard: Standing normally but with arms outstretched as if casting a spell. Make appropriate spell casting noises.

As with Scissors-Paper-Stone each character/icon can win against one character or lose against the other. In this case, if wanted, teams can make the appropriate actions for winning or losing (children are extremely fond of this).

Winning team:                         Action/s: 
Elves shoot Wizards: Elves win          Elves pretend to shoot an arrow, 
                                                  Wizards make dramatic gestures as though struck in the heart. 

Wizards frazzle Giants: Wizards win   Giants pretend to shrink. 

Giants squash Elves: Giants win          Giants pretend they are squishing something small. 

Each team finds a quiet corner and decides on a character to be as a team, after choosing their character each team stands facing each other with hands behind their backs. On a given signal (e.g. the count of three) the whole team acts out their character with the points going to the team that chooses the winning character. If both teams pick the same character there is a draw.

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