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Monday, April 23, 2012

The Traveller's Alphabet

Level: Advanced.

Skills: speaking.

Topic: vocabulary / warmer.

Materials: none.

Time: 5 to 15 minutes.

Another great warmer, now aimed at more advanced students. It has worked very well with teenagers as much as with adults.

The students sit in a row and the first begins by saying, "I am going on a journey to Athens," or any place beginning with A. The one sitting next asks, "What will you do there?" The verbs, adjectives, and nouns used in the reply must all begin with A; as "Amuse Ailing Authors with Anecdotes." If the player answers correctly, it is the next student's turn; she says perhaps: "I am going to Bradford." "What to do there?" "To Bring Back Bread and Butter." A third says: "I am going to Constantinople." "What to do there?" "To Carry Contented Cats." Any one who makes a mistake is out of the game or must pay a forfeit to continue playing.


  1. Adorei... Também sou professora de inglês e moro na Itália.

    1. Olá!

      Obrigado pelo comentário. Espero que a atividade possa lhe ser útil, aí na Itália. Apareça mais vezes, acredito que haja alguma outra coisa por aqui que lhe sirva.


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