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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Who (or What) Am I?

Level: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced.

Skills: writing and speaking.

Topic: vocabulary.

Materials: Post-It slips (pens & pencils).

Time: 10 to 15 minutes.

Hand in Post-It slips to students. Ask them to write a name of a person, an animal, fruit (or food), a country, an object (or whatever item of vocabulary they’ve already known) on it, taking care not to show what’s written to anyone. When they’ve done it, ask them to choose a friend in the classroom and stick the Post-It on his/her forehead. 

When everyone has a Post-It stuck on his or her foreheads, they move around class asking each other questions in order to find who (or what) they are, e.g., “am I a bird?”, “am I a famous?”, “am I small?”. The person who’s been asked can just answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If the student discovers who (or what) he or she is, he or she can take the Post-It off their foreheads and sit again. The last student standing must pay a forfeit.

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